• Job titles. There is no governing standard for job titles, so having a list of the variations will help you when it comes time to run searches with this data.
  • Industry. While many of your accounts may come from the same industry, you could discover a top-performing outlier indicating an untapped potential market.
  • Size of organization. Knowing the size of organizations you work with may inform the size of the buying committee you’re searching for.


Rated a leader in a recent Forrester New Wave analysis of ABM platforms, 6sense links the anonymous user data that comes from online habits and site visits to the known user data in your CRM.

Bottom line: 6sense turns anonymous data into behavior profiles of key decision makers.


Target the profiles of key decision makers on LinkedIn and Facebook. Metadata has the largest database of B2B decision-makers, and integrates with your organization’s existing software solutions.

Bottom line:  Metadata connects your data with the profiles of key decision makers on the platforms where your ads will reach them.


Gain a better understanding of needs, preferences, and behaviors to inform content creation and speak to buyer pain points and interests with RollWorks’ real time analytics and insights.

Bottom line: RollWorks helps marketers get the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. 


Leverage intent data to build audiences of buyers who are actively researching your products or solutions. TrustRadius allows marketers to target in-market B2B buyers and sync that data into LinkedIn Campaign Manager. 

Bottom line: TrustRadius empowers highly targeted campaigns to nurture buyers down the funnel.

  • 55% of decision-makers say that during an economic downturn, it is more important than ever to produce high-quality thought leadership.
  • 38% of final decision-makers say there is more thought-leadership content than they can manage or keep up with.
  • Finely tuned to economic realities and a customer’s industry. (48% say the content should identify new opportunities or industry trends stemming from the economic downturn.)

  • High-quality and shares a strong, data-backed POV. (49% say that thought-leadership content should reference robust research and strong supporting data.)