Why technology marketers love LinkedIn

A one-of-a-kind audience

Reach IT and business decision makers throughout their purchase path with unique B2B targeting options.

Quality leads

Convert your ideal professional audiences in a clutter-free, content-friendly environment.

Data-driven insights

Use first-party data to measure, inform, and optimize your performance.

How to grow your technology business on LinkedIn


Define your goals

Document what you hope to achieve. Is it higher quality leads? Thought leadership?


Target audiences that matter

Accurately reach highly differentiated customers by persona or first-party data.


Reimagine your content strategy

Change the way you think about content creation, delivery, and consumption.


Measure and optimize

LinkedIn gives clear visibility into the impact of each stage of your program.

Today’s Empowered Tech Buying Process

Dive into insights on the vendor selection process best content marketing practices that top tech companies have used to achieve success.

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Your Toolkit for Managing and Producing Content

We’ve pulled together the top three tools
to help you get the most out of managing
and producing your tech marketing

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5 Steps to Maximize Lead Generation

To help you create purposeful, impactful content marketing campaigns, we’ve developed a five-step, data-driven methodology for lead generation on LinkedIn.

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